Adam French marks new musical direction with blistering guitar anthem Rubber Band

Even if you haven’t ‘heard of’ Adam French, there’s a good chance you’ve heard his music playing as the drama of your favourite TV show unfolds, with his work having been featured in the likes of Grey’s Anatomy, Love Island, Made in Chelsea and This is Us. Now, the talented musician has released his latest single, Rubber Band, marking what promises to be an exciting chapter for the singer/songwriter.

Originally from Congleton, Adam French found one of his biggest fans in BBC Introducing from Stoke’s Rob Adcock, who has been a huge supporter of his work for the last decade. Last weekend, the pair reunited for the final live recorded show, and spoke of the buzz around the latest record, which shows a very different side to French, particularly in comparison to the Weightless EP of 2016 or even more recent singles like 2AM and heart wrenching Holding On To You.

This blistering guitar anthem is a far cry from his earlier work, but maintains that emotional depth and cinematic quality that has become a part of his signature sound. It’s got an immediate likeability and undeniable rock edge, which French considers to be nostalgic of his roots into music. He said: “I grew up on a diet of Queens of The Stone Age, Nirvana and System of a Down and spent my youth in bands making music inspired by that world. If anything, slower music was new to me when I started creating it.”

Clocking in at just over three minutes, Rubber Band wastes no time in making its presence felt – from the first strum of the guitar, it’s brimming with attitude and vigour. Co-written with Gabe Simon (Lana Del Rey, Grandson, Rag N Bone Man) Rubber Band’s instrumentation mirrors French’s unbridled passion and energy. His soaring vocals, imbued with raw emotion, deliver a performance that is as captivating as it is invigorating. He seamlessly navigates his impressive range through haunting melodies and gorgeous vibrato, paired with more powerful moments that feel cathartic. I don’t for one minute think that Adam French has ever held back with his music, but Rubber Band does feel like a moment of epiphany. This new direction feels very natural, perhaps even his most authentic self, as though it’s been lying dormant waiting for the right moment to emerge. Now is that time. 

The production quality is immense, having been produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by French himself. The layers of guitars create a rich backdrop that immerses the audience in the song’s emotional depth, while the pulsating rhythm section drives the track forward with an irresistible groove.

As such, Rubber Band is an electrifying and evocative single that showcases Adam French’s musical prowess at its very best, highlighting his ability to reinvent himself while staying true to his roots. While he may have cut his teeth with slower musical territories, this track, with its fiery intensity and charm, is a glorious statement of intent of what’s to come.

Coinciding with the second chapter of his musical journey, Adam French is embarking on a run of European and UK festival dates, which will be followed by a headline tour in the Autumn of 2023, during which Rubber Band will no doubt take centre stage as a crowd favourite.

Listen to Rubber Band by Adam French here:

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