All aboard as Myria’s Trainset will have you ‘sweating from your eyeballs’

Words by Zakk Pea, writer and musician at Eccie The Dog and event organiser at Plot Twist

The feeling I get when I listen to Trainset is that of a tiny little plastic figurine, staring up at our maniacal overlord as he drives the trains harder and faster, ever on this infinite loop, the rattle of the rails spiralling out of control, and swelling to shake the foundations of the earth, which is at least somewhat in line with what Myria are trying to do. 

They started with a more poppy, surfy kind of sound in their infancy, but have been making steady steps towards heavier and faster, and that’s a train I’ll certainly get on board.

Trainset is what I call a ‘route-one’ track – we’re gonna play loud, we’re gonna play fast, and we’re not gonna stop until you’re sweating from your eyeballs. This is a great track to mosh to. Very aggressive and fast drums, the bass guitar is very chuggy and deep, but still contoured enough that you can feel the shape of it. The lead guitar is very shoegaze, big soundscape, lots of interesting sounds coming out of that fella.

I think the vocals lead the ear more than anything else, lovely fry screams blended over the more typical punky yell, it’s very energising. When you hear this track you’re gonna want to see it live, it’s just the kind of record that’ll get the room spinning, and I love that.

Myria assured me that Trainset has no particular meaning, but I’d like to venture an interpretation for my own amusement. The lyrics read, “You’ll never wonder, in this state of mind, you’ve left your soul behind” and to me, that sounds like someone having such a righteous time with his trainset that he is completely, utterly absorbed. No thoughts. Only Trainset. 

Release June 28, you can listen to Myria’s Trainset here:

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