‘A distinctive 90s sound with a Gen Z twist’ – Belle releases sixth single ‘NV’

The nineties are back in a huge way in 2024, from bomber jackets and loafers, to low rise jeans and scrunchies. But it’s more than just fashion that’s taking inspiration from the era, as teen singer-songwriter Belle has proven with her latest single NV.

The 17-year-old, from Lichfield, is one of the youngest pop-rock artists on the scene, and despite being born six years after the millennium, has honed a distinctive 90s sound with a Gen Z twist.

The daughter of 90s pop singer Lolly, who had several top 10 hits in 1999, including the remake of Toni Basil’s ‘Hey Mickey’ Belle already has six singles under her belt, with TV appearances on CBBC’s Saturday Mash Up and a festival appearance at Reading Pride. 

NV is the newest record to join the emerging artist’s growing portfolio, and it’s an energetic and nostalgic number that will have you reliving the years you spent in your Groovy Chick themed bedroom blasting singles on your Walkman. 

The teen said: “NV is all about finding the positives in situations where negativity is constantly being thrown at you. There are times when people just take an instant dislike to you, generally because they see the positives in you that they simply don’t have in them.”

It’s a mature outlook for a fresh-out-of-school teen, but one that even as we grow older, would do well to remind ourselves of.

She continued: “A recent situation gave me the urge to write this song and I feel it’s so vital that no matter how many spiteful comments you get, you turn hatred into something productive and positive – there’s no point dwelling on it.

“This song captures and reflects on some recent emotions. I wrote it as a message to others that have been or are in similar situations.”

Opening with an incredibly upbeat chorus that echoes the likes of S Club 7 or Disney-pop/rock, NV immediately takes me back to growing up in the early noughties, but the fact that it’s produced by Mike Rose – who worked with S Club 7, East 17 and Boyzone, helps to explain how the era has been so expertly reimagined. 

Electronic rhythms drive the pop hit, with Belle delivering a confident and dynamic vocal performance with her personal but universally resonant lyrics of jealousy and envy – hence NV. It would be easy for it to feel somewhat juvenile, but there’s a playfulness and Gen Z edge to it that is reminiscent of Olivia Rodrigo or Sabrina Carpenter.

As she enters the new year, Belle continues to carve out her own very individual creative vision with the Gen Z electropop package that is NV.

Released February 2, 2024, you can listen to NV by Belle here:

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