Belle channels 80s influences with pop single Fluorescent Light that ‘could easily be a huge hit’

Guest review by Captain’s Bar events manager, Say Something Music label owner and promoter Scott Evans

I must confess, I’d not heard any music from Belle until this single landed in my inbox – but I’m so glad it did. Fluorescent Light is the seventh single from the 17-year-old singer/songwriter, continuing the momentum from NV which was released earlier in the year to a great reception and plenty of radio airplay.

The Lichfield artist has grown up in a family stuffed full of hit singles and fun, which has moulded her into a confident performer, writer and singer busily marking out her own very individual creative vision with a string of pop singles – and Fluorescent Light makes for an attention-grabbing record.

Belle’s latest single does not shy away from its obvious 80s influences, which is certainly no bad thing as it’s now become something of the sound of 2024, with the likes of Darla Jade, Finney, Dreams of Delveaux all taking a similar route with recent releases. 

The song is very slick and the production to capture that 80s sound is well done thanks to the skills of Mike Rose, who’s worked with some major names in the industry -S Club 7, Gary Barlow, East 17 and Kylie to name but a few.

Talking about the track, Belle said: “I wrote ‘Fluorescent Light’ when I was away and feeling a little homesick. I feel like everyone has something that gives them comfort and for me seeing the lights on my driveway after a long day away have always made me feel safe. I guess it’s symbolic of things and people that provide you solace when you need it most.” 

With 90s hit-singer Lolly as a mum, it’s no wonder that Belle has been ‘listening to a lot of 80s music recently’. She added: “It feels like it’s definitely influencing my music, so it has that nostalgic feel to it.”

I love the opening of the song, it instantly grabs the listener and is a good way of making the song easily recognisable on future listens. I feel with the right break Fluorescent Light could easily be a huge hit in that way that Blinding Lights did for the Weeknd, the 80s hooks and catchy chorus. Really interested to watch where Belle goes next, I hope it will be more of the 80s inspired as I really think this works for her. Definitely one to watch. 

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