Bob M’s Useful Idiots is a timely social commentary delivered with wit and impish charm

If aliens did not exist, then who built the pyramids? How about the moon landing or the notion that some people are actually covert reptiles? In his latest single Useful Idiots, Staffordshire songwriter Bob M shines a light on conspiracy theorists and takes aim at the current state of affairs in 2024 while asking the above and ‘other questions such as this’.

The satirical single follows Bob’s I Dream of You Tonight EP, which came out in September, and offers a fresh insight into his wit and songwriting abilities. Both as Bob M and under his former moniker Merrym’n, Bob has been renowned for his storytelling charm, but admits that Useful Idiots takes a slightly different approach.

He told The Leopheard: “The opening ‘dying sharks fall like rain’ lyric is a reference to anxiety dreams I used to have a few years ago. I tried to write lyrics that don’t particularly tell a story or paint a picture – more of a stream of consciousness – to reflect the lack of joined up thinking we have in society at the moment.”

The record takes a running jump off the diveboard into the murky waters of conspiracy with a harmonica-laden intro that feels like a burst of bright sunlight. This juxtaposition of light and dark continues throughout the track, the playful composition paired with serious lyrical undertones that are delivered with poetic prose and a musical vibrancy that is distinctive of Bob’s music. 

He exaggerates the arguments we often hear about pandemics, aliens and lizard people – but it’s not just tin-hat theories, it’s the mention of heating your home with cups of tea that also generates a knowing smile of mutual frustration. 

Useful Idiots sees Bob M deliver melodic musings of timely social commentary with wit and impish charm. Released January 19, 2024, you can listen to the track here:

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