Bored Adventures tease debut album with newest single Viscosity

Guest review by Captain’s Bar events manager, Say Something Music label owner and promoter Scott Evans

Cheshire-based Bored Adventures are an explosive post-punk indie band influenced by the likes of 90s grunge, noise rock and avant garde jazz. Their latest single Viscosity – the lead single from their forthcoming debut album – showcases their unique sound and uses the sonic soundscape to its fullest. 

I enjoyed their previous output, in particular last year’s Hidden In Plain Sight EP, but what is immediately striking about Viscosity is that both the production and song arrangements have moved forward significantly. 

Opening with a distorted kids choir not too dissimilar to The Smiths The Queen is Dead intro, the song quickly finds its feet with a steady pace interjected with little bursts of energy that work really well. Overdriven vocals give the delivery an overall Lofi sound, while the chorus tempo increases with the injection of piano and some intricate instrumentation. 

The song is so impressively arranged and thought out, I’m talking Radiohead/Pavement type cleverness to the composition, complimented by the choice of sounds and production. 

I was genuinely surprised to see the single was self produced, this is a real credit to them as to capture that type of sound I would have expected a separate producer and big studio. 

Their first release in over a year, it seems Bored Adventures are ready to kick off 2024 in a big way. Viscosity is a very exciting single and if the album is a fraction as good then we really do have a great record to look forward to. 

Listen to Viscosity, released February 2, 2024 below, or catch Bored Adventures live as they headline The Sugarmill on February 10.

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