Chloe Chadwick’s toe-tapping single Your Fire that’s made for driving playlists

Guest review by Captain’s Bar events manager, Say Something Music label owner and promoter Scott Evans

Cheshire country musician Chloe Chadwick has built her reputation through unadulterated passion for her craft and genuine grit. With a long history of live performance and many hundreds of gigs under her belt, Chloë’s diverse appeal has seen her share the bill with Emmylou Harris, Nikki Lane, The Shires, and other familiar names in her niche. 

Her powerful stagecraft and grounded modesty provide a perfect balance for audiences who appreciate the beauty of music, thoughtfully written and soulfully delivered. Last year she put out a string of singles and a very well received EP Same Old Brand New Me, and finished off the year with the brilliant Shoot To Run. 

Not wasting a second of her time this year, Chloë is back with new single Your Fire.

Produced by Matt and Tom Bishop, who also provide some of the performance on the single, Your Fire is a really well crafted and polished song, the production is crystal clear and well done. 

The sound of the single is very much the commercial country sound, upbeat and joyful and at first you could be deceived into thinking the lyrics have a melancholy ring to them until she sings the line “but then you came along…” which changes the concept of the song from love lost to love found. Chloe explains: “Your Fire is a song I wrote that came from the heart, about my experiences of love in all forms, finding everlasting love, and the journey it took to get there. More importantly, It’s a song about hope, being vulnerable, wearing your heart on your sleeve, and self belief!”

She goes on to say “Opening up your heart and soul to someone new is always daunting, especially after experiencing previous heartbreak or a difficult break up…I didn’t find happiness in love for a long time, and then one day, out of the blue, I found it when I wasn’t expecting to.” 

Chloë expresses all this really well in the song, nothing overly covert – just a good old fashioned ‘loves alluded me but now I have it’. 

It’s a feel good song that definitely has a “driving playlist” feel to it, tapping at the steering wheel in time to all the clever musical stabs. I was lucky enough to catch Chloe perform a stunning acoustic set at Captain’s Bar, she has a star like quality to her performance and I look forward to catching her live again soon and enjoying this toe tapper of a track. 

Released February 9, 2024, listen to Your Fire by Chloe Chadwick here:

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