Cocoh emerges as ‘one to watch’ as she releases delightful debut Insidious

Guest review by The Underground venue manager Lee Barber

2024 is going to be huge for Stoke music, judging on January alone. Famed for its endlessness, January has this year been one full of excitement and new beginnings, with the Leopheard page dropping a whopping ten single reviews already.

Add to this list Cocoh, with her delightful new single Insidious, a promising debut from the artist who likes to place herself within the realms of indie folk and acoustic pop. Cocoh emerged mid-2022, after travelling Australia with her trusty guitar, and it was here where she fell in love with songwriting after some time away from playing and writing. Fast forward to June 2023 and Cocoh is quickly becoming a name well mentioned across the venues following several stellar performances at Captain’s Bar, and ended the year as a name on many people’s lips as one to watch.

Though Cocoh’s live performances have so far been solo and with an acoustic guitar, Insidious as a single is going big, with a full band sound adding depth to the release, and if this sound can be brought to Cocoh’s live performances then it surely won’t be long before she’ll be sharing a stage with the likes of Darla Jade and Lissy Taylor.

The song itself tells the painful and mentally destructive story of trying to move on following a break up, those desperate days when the only thing you can think about is the only thing you don’t want to think about. Cocoh delivers the lyrics with a subtle hint of 60’s pop innocence, laced with delicate harmonies which cunningly pan to highlight those inner struggles, as Cocoh elaborates on. “Insidious is a song about the internal battle you go through when you’re trying to move on from somebody. When you know that they are bad for you, but your mind refuses to let go. The song gradually builds in intensity, with the final chorus featuring harmonies that are panned from left to right, symbolising the conflicting voices of your inner monologue.”

Bethan Shuff, founder of The Leopheard added: “I thought my body’s initial reaction to Insidious was a coincidence, but it didn’t matter how many times I pressed play, each and every time the hairs on my arms would stand on end, sending chills down my spine. Cocoh’s haunting vocals root themselves firmly under your skin, complimented by her indie-folk instrumental – the added percussion and bass really giving it a full-bodied and feel. It’s an enchanting debut and I’m really looking forward to seeing Cocoh grow and develop as an artist. She’s definitely one to watch.”

Released on February 2, 2024, listen to Insidious by Cocoh below. You can catch Cocoh live on The Honey Box on Sunday, February 11.

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