Council Cut veers into indie territory with new single The Bull

There are few Stoke-on-Trent artists as relentless as Council Cut, who consistently and tirelessly displays his genre-blending style with every new track. The Bull marks his 11th single since January 2023, and his fourth of 2024 so far as he continues to push the boundaries of his hip hop britpop identity, veering into a more indie radio-ready territory.

Fans of The Lottery Winners and Jamie T will find much to appreciate in this latest offering, with lyrics that delve into themes of resilience and determination, delivered in a spoken-word style.

“It only occurred to me during this release that all of my recent music has been about resilience and determination,” Council Cut tells The Leopheard. “This wasn’t intentional – it must be my subconscious exposing itself through the music. The Bull is about becoming comfortable in the struggle, being well trained and ready for the inevitable hardship.”

Lyrically it flicks back and forth from the perspective of the Matador and the bull as Council Cut lays bare his challenges. This duality is mirrored in the music between a retro 80s arcade game sample and an angelic choir sample, to which the artist added: “I think this represents the contrasts between the Bull and the Matador but also how they fit together and depend on each other to fulfil their roles.”

The 80s arcade soundscape injects a nostalgic, almost playful energy, while the choir sample adds an ethereal quality, grounding the song’s more reflective moments. The production, handled by Tom at UTC Studios, is crisp and balanced, which comes with a familiarity of Council Cut’s unique sound. The duo seem to have found a real synergy while working together over the last 18 months, which is reflected in the finished track.

Council Cut’s vocal delivery is as dynamic as ever, and despite such a flurry of releases in a relatively short space of time, he doesn’t fall into the trap of repetition. The Bull certainly moves away from his comfort zone, but it pays off ten fold. For me, it’s his best release yet, with a really wide and addictive appeal.

Released May 17, listen to The Bull by Council Cut here:

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