Council Cut’s latest single Lord Where’s My Chance every creative will find relatable

Few artists have been quite as consistent with their releases as Council Cut, who has produced a steady stream of singles since last January. Lord Where’s My Chance is the 10th in just over 12 months and the third of 2024 so far, with the rapper showing no signs of slowing down.

With his distinct blend of indie and hip hop influences, Council Cut’s newest record shines a light on the challenges faced by artists, and the mindset musicians have to adopt in a somewhat unforgiving and competitive industry.

The artist said: “This one is about the resilience you have to have being a musician, or any kind of artist for that matter. You can give it your all consistently for years and make zero progress.” 

But he refuses to get downbeat about it, instead using it to fuel the lyrics for the new track, saying that giving up simply isn’t an option, adding: “I had the word ‘ART’ tattooed on my face to remind me exactly why I’m doing this and will continue to do so.”

Bright and brassy instrumentation makes way for Council Cut’s immediately recognisable vocals that cut through the music with raw honesty and relatability. He leans into his Northern, working class roots as he explores the relentless struggle for recognition when you’re not born into fame or even a city in which you’re afforded more opportunities. 

With searing vocals and a relentless rhythm, Council Cut’s flow is delivered with razor-sharp precision with a soulful chorus that really compliments the overall tone of the track.

While some artists would bend to fit the mould or simply give up, Council Cut refuses to ditch his authenticity or throw in the towel, and Lord Where’s My Chance a real statement of intent in his unwavering pursuit of success.

Released March 31, you can listen to Lord Where’s My Chance here: 

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