It’s Dirty Laundry Day – Darla Jade explores darker side with addictive pop-rock record

Darla Jade is an artist who refuses to let her foot off the pedal as she continues to accelerate to success, hitting the ground running in 2024 with an addictive new pop-rock record.

Dirty Laundry marks her first single of the year, with an infectious blend of 80s synth and uptempo rhythm that immediately draws listeners into Darla’s signature sound.

But throw in the heavy guitar riffs and gritty lyrics, it soon becomes apparent that Dirty Laundry marks a departure into a more alternative and edgier territory, developing the more alt-pop side we’ve become enamoured with in releases like Backseat Driver and On My Tongue. 

Emotionally intense with a fierce feminine energy, Dirty Laundry delves into the cathartic release of cutting ties with a toxic relationship. Speaking about the record, Darla explained: “I wrote Dirty Laundry at the very end of 2022 with Ellie Byers, Syon and Adam Englefield. I feel it’s definitely an extension into the alt side for me, which is really exciting! 

“I sometimes just really love channelling angsty lyrics as music is such a great outlet for that. This song is about finally cutting off a toxic relationship, so we definitely felt the moodiness and the heavier guitars really worked well for this one.”

Clementine Morris

Everything about this song is genuinely so impressive, and personally, it might be my favourite Darla record to date. From the pulsating synths to the dynamics between the verse and chorus, seamlessly integrating the retro synth-pop foundation with contemporary alt-pop sensibilities. 

Darla’s vocals, as always, are a highlight, as she skillfully hangs out her emotional intricacies on the line. From the subtle vulnerability in the verses to the empowering and punchy chorus – Darla executes her delivery with such skill and attitude. “I’m so sick of you tryna deny all your pretty elaborate lies”, this line in particular – and the production behind it – makes it the song you want to have on repeat. 

The production quality of Dirty Laundry is outstanding, from the dynamic pacing to the moody atmospheres and robust guitars, all working to complement Darla’s synth-pop aesthetic as she pushes for this darker soundscape.

Last year, releases like Buy More Time and All For Nothing set Darla on a trajectory of growth that is yet to reach its peak. With each new single, she consistently elevates her musical prowess, and Dirty Laundry sees Darla continue to evolve, grow and expand her artistry while retaining the infectious hooks and melodies that fans have come to love.

Releases February 9, 2024, listen to Dirty Laundry by Darla Jade here:

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