Finney’s new single will get you “Falling In Love” with them

Guest review by photographer Ellie Potter, @LifeOnDSLR

Following just two weeks behind the release of Can You (Be The One), Stoke-on-Trent four-piece Finney continue their journey into maturing their sound with their new single Falling In Love.

“So grab your jacket and your jacket / Wrapped in glitter and gold” perfectly summarises the feel of the upcoming 1984 era, with a heavy bassline that harmonises with vocalist Adam Finney. Although the sound is newer to Finney’s studio work, it’s more representative of them as performers and feels more authentic to the Finney the local scene has grown attached to.


The lyricism of the song beautifully continues the new (self described) “era”, playing on the club setting of the lead single previously mentioned “three bottles in […] we’re still dancing”. Although the band have already made their Manchester debut, supporting Martin’s Revong at Off The Square’, this could possibly be the song to confirm that (or wider) headline shows for them – with similarisation to a more mainstream sound while still having the classic Finney edge.

The song closes with the guitar kicking in behind the beloved belt of the title, really cementing the track to be one of the top of their career, and they’re only just getting started.

You can catch the band at Lymelight Festival on May 26, or if you’re too impatient for a dose of Finney – you can listen to “Falling In Love” here:

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