Formal Sppeedwear’s soaring synth-rock slow burn A Dismount from upcoming EP

Emerging from their DIY home studio, Formal Sppeedwear switches gears for the second instalment from their forthcoming EP, pulling a soaring synth-rock slow burn out of the back pocket for A Dismount.

Opening with Connor Wells’ cunningly considered marching drums,  the Stoke-on-Trent outfit plunges headfirst into new sonic territories and in turn, prove exactly why they’re poised to become one of the most striking new talents the UK has to offer.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse palette ranging from Yellow Magic Orchestra to Throbbing Gristle, the track pulses with an irresistible energy that ‘lands like LCD Soundsystem if they’d been hanging in 80s Tokyo instead of 00s NYC’. With this new cut, we are met with a jolty synthscape that’s infused with a distinctly retro-futuristic charm, making way for Beck Clewlow’s nonchalantly delivered vocals.  

We’ve already heard that we can expect Scary Monsters-era Bowie guitar lines from this EP, but with A Dismount, it’s as if the spirit of Brian Eno himself has been woven into the fabric of their sound, resulting in a record that wouldn’t have been out of place in the Labyrinth soundtrack.

Amidst an eerie interlude, it’s as though the atmospheric instrumentation holds its breath in anticipation before surging back to life, returning to the main melody with added intensity. The fusion of synth-rock and pulsating rhythms, combined with Charlie Ball’s Numan-esque basslines, feels as familiar as it does fresh. But it’s the unpredictability of Formal Sppeedwear’s records that earn it repeat listens in order to search for the patterns where there seemingly are none. It’s a track that demands not to be heard, but to be experienced.

If A Dismount and Bunto are anything to go by, Formal Sppeedwear’s hotly-anticipated EP is going to be seismic.

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