Genius of the Crowd’s Hurt Just The Same is ‘destined for heartbreak Spotify playlists’

Guest review by Captain’s Bar events manager, Say Something Music label owner and promoter Scott Evans

Hurt Just The Same is the third single from Genius of the Crows this year,  following Not The Problem and their debut I Won’t. And as they continue to settle into the scene, I think it will take a couple more releases before pinning down their overall genre as they continue to find their signature sound. Each single so far has a really unique and different feel, which is no bad thing as it keeps things fresh and interesting. 

If you are new to Genius of the Crowd let’s introduce you, they have Matt Frederick as lead vocalist/lyricist, Jack Baker on Lead Guitar, Matt White on Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals, Sam Galway on Bass and Dave Smith on drums. And to quote their bio, the five-piece combine a vast array of influences, from the post punk powerhouses Fontaines DC, to the incredible guitar tones produced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, to the stand out rock and roll coined by 90’s Britpop giants, Oasis.

Hurt Just The Same kicks off with a great instrumental build up, the combination of intertwining guitars demonstrates the work that has gone into the song, both guitars blending so well throughout the track. The structure of the song is very well thought out, with the half tempo pre-chorus being able to launch a powerful chorus. An absolutely solid rhythm section from Galway and Smith is prevalent all through the song. Meanwhile, Frederick delivers a heartfelt vocal performance, his voice is no run of the mill indie voice, it has a unique edge to it and has great power when needed. 

Lyrically Hurt Just The Same is an exploration of love and pain as they explain: “At its simplest, it’s a break up song, but it’s not like your typical separation song, it is an emotionally driven recipe of intensity and pain, the contract between love and self preservation” 

The opening verse explores the void that is left when a break occurs, that when one person leaves there is often intense feelings of guilt and an imminent air of change surrounding those involved, a lyric that lovingly underpins that “The lights throughout the room longing for you”  The second verse hits harder overlayed with lyrics that show the hurt “I loved you from the start and that will never change.”

Hurt Just The Same is a song about love, but a love that can often cause unimaginable voids that are often filled with pain. It’s easily the best single from Genius Of The Crowd to date and I think we can expect a number of impressive songs to follow. This single is destined for a few heartbreak Spotify playlists and for the musos it’s a well crafted and performed piece of music.

Listen to Hurts Just The Same by Genius of the Crowd here on Spotify: 

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