Greg Murray and the Seven Wonders deliver third uplifting single of 2024 Trust Me With Your Life

Guest review by Captain’s Bar events manager, Say Something Music label owner and promoter Scott Evans

The ever prolific Greg Murray is back again, and once more shows his ability to write a perfectly formed up-tempo track. Trust Me With Your Life is a life affirming brass infused crowd chanting chorus of a song with meaningful lyrics and heart; as Greg puts it “an attempt to give a nod to the injustices in life but trying to keep things optimistic” as demonstrated in the opening verse  “And someone is to blame for what we’ve done, the promises keep coming till we’ve won”

As we have now come to expect with a Murray song the brass is very prevalent, this time it kicks off the song in style, very much setting the uplifting feel of the song. 

During the verse there is a really interesting ukulele break puncturing each line, this is quite unusual but works really well, and I absolutely adore the half tempo pre-chorus with its subtle piano and guitar line under the lyric “Holy shit / I’ve made a mess of it I’ve torn out your heart / and let it sit” before delivering the upbeat, danceable course.

One of the things I really like about Greg Murray and his band is that they write songs in are quite unconventional manner that most artists avoid nowadays, a good example of this is the song, finishing with almost a minute of instrumental, this must work really well in a live environment and it’s just really nice to hear on the studio recording showing the band are not compromising on their songs just to fit in with a Spotify trend.

I’m sure by the time this review is published, Greg and co will already be preparing for the next release. (Just checked, yep – Flowers will be out at the end of April) It’s going to be interesting to see by the end of the year all of the songs collected together in what would be a really strong album. In the meantime, do you all you can to catch Greg Murray and the Seven Wonders live for this is where they will truly shine.

Listen to Trust Me With Your Life, released March 15 here:

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