Listen to Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders’ new single (and) Stop Making Stupid People Famous

Guest review by photographer Ellie Potter, @LifeOnDSLR

Self-described as purveyors of “life affirming anthemic songs of love and loss”, Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders eleventh single in eight months lyrically pursuits into political slant while staying faithful to his uplifting sound. 

The track begins, and almost immediately hops into the heavy drums that cement his collective genres into the track – the guitar almost following along behind the vocals before ringing out at the pre-chorus. The overall feel remains light-hearted, despite the lyrics gently criticising “the whole wide world” for not evaluating their voting decisions and overall morals when picking political figures, or ‘representatives’ of generations.

When discussing the inspirations of the track, Murray told The Leopheard: “Our leaders […] are more intent on pursuing their own careers and power” becoming “unrepresentative” of the morals they were elected to uphold and “represent”, “[the] song aims to bring awareness […] to trust our human nature and call it out when it feels wrong”. 

“It won’t be until we’re on our deathbeds that the reality will sink in, if we’re not careful,” he added.

As the song progresses and other instruments, recognisably trumpets and percussion, join into the composition to keep the positive feel going. As an avid listener of political music, it’s heartwarming to have a song that criticises constructively, rather than being heavy rock that doesn’t lift spirits or empower change.

If you’re feeling inspired leading up to the general election, you can listen to their latest single (and) Stop Making Stupid People Famous here from the May 31:

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