Greg Poole back after two-year break with indie anthem The Only Ones

Following a two-year hiatus, Greg Poole has released his brand new single The Only Ones in ode to the complexities of relationships and the resilience of hope. With relatable lyrics and an anthemic indie chorus, this track takes us on a journey through the golden era of British music with its infectious and almost-familiar sound.

The melodic guitar riff that opens the track is met with deep grooving bass before Greg’s  emotive vocals and pain-filled lyrics effortlessly convey the conflicting feelings of both the resentment and longing that comes with the breakdown of a relationship, with the two people involved being ‘the only ones’ who still believe in it working. Greg  skillfully portrays that bittersweet emotion with vulnerability and sincerity.

With clear influences from Jake Bugg’s vocal style and Miles Kane’s musical sensibility, The Only Ones offers a refreshing experience nostalgic of the classic indie hits we all know and love, giving it a sense of familiarity and allowing it to slot seamlessly into existing playlists.

The driving rhythm of the drums, expertly played by former Borders member Luke Woodward, provides a solid backbone to the track, adding an effervescent energy to the overall sound. The bass and organ add a richness to the overall sound, masterfully woven in by UTC Studio’s Tom Bath, creating a cohesive and captivating single. 

The Only Ones culminates in a chorus that is undeniably reminiscent of Blur’s iconic Coffee and TV. The soaring vocals and catchy guitars channel the essence of Britpop legends in a way that is so infectious, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself humming along after just one listen. 

The soul-stirring instrumental is followed by a building bridge before erupting into a final climatic chorus that offers familiar echoes of classic British rock and give it an irresistible allure.

With its Jake Bugg-inspired vocals, Miles Kane-influenced melodies, and a chorus that nods to Blur’s heyday, the song is a perfect fusion of past and present, resulting in a powerful and emotive indie anthem that lingers long after the last note fades away. 

Listen to Greg Poole – The Only Ones here on Spotify:

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