HEAD DENT deliver gritty debut single DIRT that’s every bit chaotic and charasmatic as you’d expect

Words by Lee Barber, The Underground Venue Manager, Co-Producer of The Honey Box and Honey Box Hive project lead

The rebrand is complete. After forming in the desolate, confusing darkness that was the Covid-19 pandemic, HEAVE propelled themselves onto Stoke’s music scene, as itself blinkered open its weary eyes, emerging from a stunted hibernation having been reduced to seated capacity events. The band, made up of local music pedigree in the form of PLASTIC, FREEZA, and of course Of Legions, boasted an immediate local following. So too did HEAVE boast the charismatic chaos which gave Of Legions its loyal following over the course of its decade long lifespan. Debut release Saddo was met with excitement and local acclaim, and was soon followed by two double-A releases, Hungover/Rader and Can’t Turn It Off/Nobody, with the music video for Can’t Turn It Off featuring an Oscar worthy cameo from yours truly…

Following these releases HEAVE locked themselves away and began working on their next steps, and with that came also the development of a new name, and so it was that HEAD DENT ventured forth to deliver their brand new single, DIRT, which released across all platforms complete with the artistic, gritty and vivid music video which Velvet Orange Media are quickly seeing themselves well known for. The video is full of all the charisma and chaos I have already alluded to when considering the essentials of the wild experience that is HEAD DENT, with VOM team Chelsea and Liam capturing the essence of the band quite perfectly.

Dirt is everything you could wish for from this ‘no logos on the foam’ four piece based in Stoke-on-Trent, with Sam, Ollie and Dan providing the ideal hard hitting structure for front man Luke Mansfield to splash about in his flame shirt and extravagant moustache, loving every minute of being front and centre, and ensuring that you do too. Though I am loathe to say it, Luke Mansfield has a superb attitude when it comes to doing what he does best; flaunting himself about on stage or in front of a camera, generally giving it the big un and becoming the colour of any room he walks into. He refuses to take himself too seriously. He will gargle beer on stage, climb up onto the bar as he sings his way through a rapturous chorus and wear ridiculous clothing arrangements and somehow make them look good. He encompasses everything required of a front man, and he will forever bring up this paragraph whenever he sees me, of that I have no doubt. There is an edge of credibility with HEAD DENT, however. You can see HEAD DENT growing in stature, growing far beyond the boundaries of Stoke’s music scene, should they put the necessary work in.

The band have forged themselves a strong sound, tapping into the likes of Drug Church, Pissed Jeans and METZ, tuned into the grit and frustration of life in Stoke, as relatable lyrics suggest the raised eyebrows we come to expect if we dare do anything other than the expected. ‘It gets a bit silly, it gets a bit daft. At least I’m having a laugh.’ Mansfield takes things straight to the point, with his lyrics and seems happy in this role, showboating his own confidence to bat away those naysayers. ‘I am scum, ‘I am dumb,, I’m the best. God bless this Goddamn mess.’

Stream Dirt by HEAD DENT now on all platforms, and be sure to watch the music video, which also features another hidden cameo, and I’m not talking about a couple of guitar cabs borrowed from The Underground, or the Kablamood cap donned by Luke… 

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