Introducing Angel B Valentine with shoegazey alt-pop debut Parasite

Angel B Valentine are an alternative duo who have burst onto the scene with their debut single Parasite – a dynamic track that tows the line of alt-pop, disco, alternative, and shoegaze in an act of genre-blending brilliance.

Already having begun making a name for themselves in Manchester’s live circuit, Jess, from Stoke-on-Trent, and Southport-born Jamie came back to Staffordshire to record this hauntingly infectious track at Newcastle’s Silk Mill. And if you were curious about their name, ‘Angel’ is indeed a comical nod to our Robbie, while ‘B Valentine’ is a tip of the hat to My Bloody Valentine – just one of the pair’s mutual musical interests.

From the moment Parasite kicks in, it’s clear that Angel B Valentine is onto something special. The track lures you in with acoustic drums and dreamy synth soundscapes and refuses to let go, opening out into shimmering disco-infused grooves that give it a late 70s, early 80s feel – but the moment the guitar melodies hit is when the record really comes to life.

As the lyrics delve into the complexities of trust and love in relationships, Jess’s ethereal vocals float over Jamie’s intricate instrumentation, creating a hypnotic atmosphere that’s impossible to resist. And with such an impactful and fully realised sound, it’s difficult to believe that this is a debut, or that Jess and Jamie only met 18 months ago. There’s a real synergy and connection between these two talented musicians that is impossible to manufacture, and that really shines through in Parasite. 

Producer Georgia Fullalove’s touch brings out the nuances of Angel B Valentine’s sound, particularly in the multi-layered bridge and breakdown, which is beautifully textured and emotionally charged. It’s the kind of track you feel rising in your chest before its cathartic release of raw, unfiltered energy. 

With an incredibly strong debut in Parasite, Angel B Valentine has announced themselves as a band to watch. Their wide-ranging blend of influences sees them defy easy categorisation, while their songwriting and execution cement them as a force to be reckoned with. 

Already having been on the bill of a number of Scruff of the Neck gigs, and Year’s End Festival, Angel B Valentine are gearing up for their first headline in Manchester on April 12 at Off the Square. But with their links to the six towns, here’s hoping we’ll see these fresh new faces perform in the city soon.

In the meantime, you can listen to Parasite, released March 29, here:

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