Could ‘iWishFor’ anything more from this brand new single from Cocoh?

Staffordshire singer-songwriter Cocoh has penned a love letter to Irelend after departing The Potteries for two months of travelling in the Emerald Isle last summer – a trip where it rained the entire time – a little like the weather today. 

With iWishFor, Cocoh continues to weave her unique blend of indie folk. drawing listeners in with a stripped-back and dreamy guitar rhythm. There’s an immediate sense of calm as the notes are finger-picked with gentle precision, the singer telling The Leopheard: “We had parked the van overlooking the ocean, the rain was falling hard on the roof, and I was mesmerised by the waves. I started messing around with some guitar picking patterns, and the one I used for the song felt almost meditative whilst watching the ocean. It was perfect.”

Cocoh’s soft, ethereal vocals, reminiscent of Katie Melua (who so happens to have been raised in Ireland), are the perfect match for the song’s contemplative mood. The simplicity of the arrangement—just voice and acoustic guitar—creates an intimate, raw atmosphere, its nature-inspired narrative giving it a grounding feel, and a sense of peace that is clearly contagious. 

“Being back travelling on the road had brought me such inner peace,” said Cocoh. “I loved exploring new places and spending so much time outside breathing in the coastal air. It was the perfect escape from the city life and ‘concrete jungles’. There is also something about the rain that makes you feel alive. Feeling the drops fall on your skin and the wind hit your face is so rejuvenating to me. I guess the song is about appreciating the simpler things in life.”

Cocoh’s mastery of harmony really shines through in this single – the layering of guitar and vocal harmonies elevating it from a simple acoustic track to a rich, immersive experience. Each layer has been delicately placed, allowing her storytelling to take centre stage while bringing a bewitching quality to the overall soundscape.

Her ability to draw inspiration from her surroundings and translate it into music that is both enchanting and reflective is a testament to her talent, and as such, iWishfor is a shining example of her artistry, offering a fresh, addictive, and utterly captivating listening experience. 

Listen to the track, released May 17, here:

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