Julia Mosley releases haunting live version of A Thousand Years from Ballad of a Murderess

A Thousand Years was easily the highlight of Julia Mosley’s 2023 album, Ballad of a Murderess, and her latest single is a captivating continuation of the enchanting release.

The songstress, who vocally finds herself somewhere between Kate Bush and Florence & The Machine, has re-released the popular track alongside a live version, alternate mixes, and the Victoriana-inspired spoken word piece The Pre-Raphaelite River, which was also from the well-received album.

Set in the fictional world of Ariaeth, A Thousand Years is a quasi-feminist anthem that seeks to restore the balance, as Julia explained: “From centuries of a masculine branch of evil to a moment of the feminine strike of ethereal, powerful retribution. With this new found power, she rises to become the Devil that she once feared and despised. Now Evil seems so gentle and light and right, as a Vigilante she becomes, to retaliate in the guise of safety as a saviour veiled in the iridescent mesh of retaliation.” 

The studio version of A Thousand Years envelops listeners in a haunting atmosphere, with Mosley’s striking melodies and huge choruses that feel almost theatrical in their delivery. There’s a dark and gothic atmosphere that runs throughout the album, indulging a catharsis that showcases Mosley’s ability to blend emotional intensity with pop sensibilities.

Spoken word piece The Pre-Raphaelite River serves as an intriguing interlude between the song and the live version, with its Bridgerton-esque narrative and vivid imagery. Not only does it allow listeners to really immerse themselves in the richly developed fantasy world that Julia has created, but also offers a brief moment of calm before the all-guns-blazing live version of A Thousand Years. You can really feel the rage and anguish in her vocals , adding dimension to the already powerful track.

Completing the five-track release are two alternative mixes of the studio and live versions of the single. It quickly becomes clear that Julia’s authenticity shines through in every mix, retaining the same ethereal allure and depth, but with subtle nuances in the live iterations that give it that electrifying atmosphere of a concert.

The release of A Thousand Years as a new single for 2024 not only showcases the versatility of Mosley’s artistry and her ability to blend mythology with musical mastery, but also offers a fresh perspective that will no doubt encourage listeners to give Ballad of a Murderess a go, if it’s not already in their playlists.

Read the full review of the album here, or listen to A Thousand Years here.

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