Jupiter’s Beard showcase experimental side with upbeat Best of Me and bonus tracks

April brings with it longer days, warmer weather and the promise of upcoming summer plans, and indie-pop outfit Jupiter’s Beard have released a trio of feel-good singles set to be the ultimate soundtrack to the sunnier months.

Following their 2023 Paper Towns EP, the young band, consisting of Spencer James, Luke Brown and Simon Lowe, have really used this release as an opportunity to experiment with different styles, instruments and recording techniques to deliver something really uplifting and playful.

Jupiter’s Beard kicks off their main single Best of Me, a spirited anthem boasting innovative gospel-style choruses, bright brassy soundscapes and honky-tonk piano that riffs throughout the record. Written around 12 months ago, the track was recorded by Shaun Lowe at Prism Studios, who aided the lads in crafting their very own vocal choir effect. 

The lads said: “The idea was always to have a gospel choir in this track to elevate the song into an almost rejoicing kind of vibe. However, gospel choirs are expensive to hire, so we ended up creating our own, layering voice after voice in different tones. Helped along by Shaun Lowe at Prism Studios, he was able to work his magic and make it sound as good as a DIY gospel choir could be!”

Jupiter’s Beard’s penchant for crafting uplifting melodies and experimental arrangements makes Best of Me is a massive-sounding record that is vibrant, joyful and mature beyond their years. Coming in just under five minutes long, it’s got just about everything but the kitchen sink in it, from soulful vocals to guitar solos and drum fills – but it never once feels crowded. It’s a really well crafted record that, despite its inventive approach, feels incredibly polished and well-rounded.

B-side Wanna Be My Queen sees Jupiter’s Beard make a departure from their typical indie sound, yet it retains the band’s signature creativity and charm. It sees them dip their toe into a world of steel-pans, falsetto vocals and Latin percussion, giving it that Rio de Janeiro kind of feel to it. The self-produced record was created at Keele University, recorded, mixed and mastered by the band, which is a real testament to their do-all abilities. With bursts of colour in every danceable note, Wanna Be My Queen proves to be a catchy and infectious experimental track that will no doubt become a firm fan favourite.

Jupiter’s Beard added: “It’s definitely a different style of song than what we are used to, but with music in general becoming genre-less these days, we thought we should just put it out anyway! We thought we’d release it as a b-side as it is quite different from other songs we have done, so it wouldn’t be too much of a shock as a lead single. It’s just a catchy experiment essentially.”

Rounding out the trio of tracks is the re-release of Amy, a nostalgic gem that offers a glimpse into Jupiter’s Beard’s formative years. The track was initially released when the lads were in school, but later taken off streaming platforms as Jupiter’s Beard began to hone their craft.

“At every gig at least one person asks us to play Amy or send them the sound file. We thought we’d just put it out again on the back of this release for a bit of a laugh,” they said. 

The re-release of the 2017 record goes back to the band’s indie-rock roots with guitar-driven melodies and gravelly vocals.  Its inclusion in this release is not only one that fans will be very excited about, but shows just how much Jupiter’s Beard has grown in the last seven years. 

Since hearing their unlikely live cover of ABBA’s Gimme, Gimme, Gimme last year, Jupiter’s Beard’s boundary-pushing approach has never ceased to impress me, and with their latest string of singles, we can only hope that there is more to come later this year.

In the meantime, have a listen to Best of Me here:

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