Lissy Taylor unleashes fiery new summer single Feel For Me

Having recently gained airplay on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, Absolute Radio, and Radio X, Staffordshire’s Lissy Taylor continues to make waves in the music industry with her addictive anthems and captivating vocals as she shares her latest single Feel For Me – a track which proves once again why she’s one of the most exciting talents on the indie scene right now.

Giving it a debut spin, Nels Hylton of BBC Radio 1 said: “This is what new indie music is all about, Lissy Taylor is an undeniable talent and she shows she’s ready to conquer the scene on the track Feel For Me,” and it’s easy to agree with him. Since her shift to a rockier sound in 2021 with the Quiet Rage EP, this singer songwriter has really come into her own, and Feel For Me continues to drive a determination to succeed.

Released on Friday, July 21, Lissy explained that the song is about relationships and the journey they take, from starting a new relationship to feelings of wanting to be understood and questioning if a relationship is right for you. As such, Feel For Me captures the intensity of emotion felt at different stages of relationships from anticipation and desire to frustration and heartbreak. 

Blending elements of indie-pop and alternative-rock with a powerful, fiery edge, Feel For Me kicks off with a contagious hook and earth-shaking rhythm. High energy but comfortably laid back, Lissy’s distinctive vocals showcase an ethereal yet grungy quality with emotive delivery as she delves into the complexities of relationships. 

Lissy’s transition towards a more indie rock sound in recent releases is evident in this latest single. This evolution in her sound highlights the fluidity of her artistry, as she fearlessly explores new territories while staying true to her empowering and feminist roots.

Lissy builds tension through introspective verses, with explosive choruses and Oblivion-like drops providing a satisfying release of emotions. The contrast is well executed, while Gareth Nuttall – known for his work with The Lottery Winners and The K’s – is top-notch, capturing the essence of her powerful live performances and translating it into a studio recording.

The instrumentation complements Lissy’s vocals perfectly – blazing guitar riffs in the chorus inject a raw and intense energy, giving the track an anthemic, festival-ready quality. 

Similarly, the accompanying music video showcases Lissy’s recent performance at the Isle of Wight Festival. Filmed in black and white with a lo-fi quality, it serves as a reminder of Lissy’s independent artist status and DIY graft, offering a glimpse of her personality while in-keeping with previous videos like Fierce. 

In just over three and a half minutes, Feel For Me showcases Lissy Taylor’s mastery as a singer-songwriter and her knack for crafting addictive indie-rock tracks. The song’s infectious energy, powerful vocals, and emotionally charged lyrics make it a moving addition to Lissy’s discography. As she continues to explore new musical territories and win over audiences with her performances supporting the likes of The Lottery Winners, Rianne Downey and Tom Hingley, Lissy Taylor is undoubtedly an artist to watch, and Feel For Me is destined to become a fan favourite during her live sets.

Released Friday, July 21, you can listen to Feel For Me by Lissy Taylor here.

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