Lose Yourself in Poppy Blond’s latest disco-inspired dancefloor-ready single

If you’re at a gig and spot a blonde girl with a fringe – usually wearing leopard print or sequins – down at the front grooving to the music with a Northern Soul shuffle about her… that’s Poppy. There’s no-one on the scene quite like her, and her ability to let her hair down without a care in the world of what people might think is admirable and enviable in equal measure. 

A born performer with a love of music, theatre and dance, it’s this sense of letting go and really feeling the beat that has inspired her latest single release, Lose Yourself. This disco-inspired track, produced in collaboration with Scott Evans, does exactly what it says on the tin, inviting you to surrender to the rhythm and lose yourself to the music. 

Speaking to The Leopheard, Poppy said: “I love dancing, moving to all music and am quite happy to do it solo, however there is something about dancing together, feeling each other’s energy and seeing people get lost in music. I’m probably not alone in saying I have witnessed a lot of people at parties and gigs tapping along, fighting the urge to really let go. There’s always someone who is confident enough to do it first. I am that person. So I thought why not write a song about it.”

From the outset, Lose Yourself is unbound by genre or era constraints. While there’s vibrant beats reminiscent of the 70s disco era, there’s also the unmistakable influence of trailblazing 80s Debbie Harry in her rap verses, with nods to 00s Britney Spears pop culture, giving a glimpse of the melting pot of influences and strong female muses that have helped shape Poppy’s unique style.

Her vocals are charismatic as she encourages listeners to “let the rhythm take you to meet the person you hide deep down inside.” The song’s structure is well-crafted, building up energy and releasing it in waves with a catchy chorus. The mantra “Lose Yourself tonight, to bring you back to life,” has an irresistible groove, supported by funky rhythms and infectious basslines that are cleanly produced with a crisp and bright sound. 

Everything about this track just feels so free. Poppy is a master of unapologetic self-expression, and I think we could all do well to take a lesson in liberation from her. Infused with that ‘party starter’ spirit the dynamic pop/soul artist has become renowned for, I’ve no doubt that Lose Yourself is poised to become a favourite on dance floors and playlists alike.


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