Lost and After: Mercury’s seasonal soundscapes shine in Summer23

As the warm embrace of summer settles in, Mercury’s latest double a-side single Summer23 offers an optimistic outlook as frontman Jake Ward reflects on challenging times and second chances.

The dual-drop, featuring singles Lost and Again, continues the Stoke-on-Trent outfit’s seasonal theme, following on from the captivating Spring23 two-track release earlier this year. Once again, the band showcases their well-honed craft, delving into introspective themes with a sound that balances darkness and hope.

Dean Boon’s rhythmic prowess breaks open the first track, Lost, but it’s not long before the crash of the kit is met with the precision of bassist Ike Reed and Harvey Magher’s intricate soundscapes, evoking a sense of MTV/Kerrang-esque noughties nostalgia while maintaining a fresh and genre-defying artistic vision.

Ali Periam

Full of warmth, frontman Jake Ward’s emotive vocals draw you into a journey of reflection and acceptance. The track’s chords set a melancholic tone, capturing the essence of letting go of the past. While the track may sound darker on the surface, Ward reveals that playing Lost feels like ‘a sigh of relief’, signifying the end of certain chapters in his life. As the music envelops listeners – particularly in the powerfully haunting instrumental – the sense of release becomes palpable, creating a unique blend of comfort and catharsis.

With Summer23 in full swing, second track After confronts the confinement of our current existence as Ward explores ‘dreams and the possibility of living another life after this one is over’.

Ward’s lyrics continue to hit home, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and universal emotions with candid vulnerability, while the strength in his delivery adds depth and authenticity to each track. Meanwhile, the composition is meticulously curated as Mercury continues to breach boundaries with their dark and powerful approach.

Magher weaves a dreamscape with his signature sound with an almost primal allure, creating a paradoxical blend of ethereal and gritty sounds creating an immersive sonic experience. The song’s atmosphere carries an air of contemplation – through poetic lyrics and emotive melodies, the track becomes an invitation to ponder the mysteries of life and what lies ‘in the After’.

In Summer23, Mercury exhibits a powerhouse performance as they blend haunting melodies and introspective lyrics with skillfully executed instrumentation, solidifying their position in Stoke-on-Trent’s music scene as ones to watch. As we journey through summer, Mercury’s music provides a welcome companion, offering solace, reflection, and dreams of endless possibilities as  it becomes apparent that Mercury’s creative prowess is not only intact but continues to evolve.

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