Lucy Deakin is in her audacious era with latest single Freaky Friday

Lucy Deakin is back and she’s on some new shit now…  In her latest single, Freaky Friday, the Stoke-born songstress takes a bold leap from her bedroom pop roots, embracing a sound that exudes edge, angst, and a newfound confidence.

The track opens a new chapter for Lucy, with lyrics revolving around mindset transformation: “I’m so done with giving fucks, like Freaky Friday switch it up.” This anthem serves as a testament to navigating adulthood and Lucy’s intention is clear – she’s here to have fun and unapologetically be herself.

She said: “I wrote FREAKY FRIDAY about switching up your mindset, flipping the stresses of being in your 20’s into not caring what people think about you. It’s a very fun song and I wrote it in early 2022 with Geth and Rebecka who I met at a Swedish writing camp. It’s the perfect song to set up this new era as I really am on some ‘new shit now’.” 

And yes, you’d be right to think that the name is a reference to the 2003 comedy film of the same name, which starred Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, even referencing the former in the lyric “Like Lindsay yeah it’s just my luck.” This nod to the movie adds a layer of nostalgia and pop culture playfulness, and truth be told it wouldn’t be out of place in an early 2000s coming-of-age film.

The track’s energy is bursting at the seams, carrying a contagious tempo and a lively melody that intertwine seamlessly with Lucy’s charismatic and assured vocals. The song’s upbeat and carefree vibe make it memorable and on-trend, reminiscent of the likes of chart-topper Anne-Marie or TikTok viral Tate McRae. 

Lucy Deakin’s clever references, combined with her vibrant sound make Freaky Friday a standout record aptly released on Friday, October 12 – and at this point, we need a remake of Freaky Friday starring Lucy as Anna Coleman. This brand new release is a testament to Lucy Deakin’s artistry and her audacious new era, capturing the essence of youth, rebellion, and embracing your authentic self.

Listen to Freaky Friday by Lucy Deakin on Spotify here:

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