Mara Liddle’s new single proves why she’s the ‘Girl Of Your Dreams’

Review by Captain’s Bar events manager, Say Something Music label owner and promoter Scott Evans

Following on from her debut EP Stalemate, Mara Liddle is back with her first single of 2024 with Girl Of Your Dreams. 

Since last year’s excellent Oversharing and All Over The Place singles, Mara has been incredibly busy, from impressive live dates in the likes of Manchester and London as well as a prestige support slot with The Lottery Winners. Her fruitful collaborations with producer JB Thomas continue, and have given Mara something of a signature sound. Her familiar dance tunes never fail to deliver on a catchy chorus and lyrical subjects that are not really touched on by other artists. 

Girl Of Your Dreams has already had its live debut being played at the aforementioned Lottery Winners gig and more recently at this year’s Lymelight festival. 

Jacob Swetmore

Speaking on the track, Mara said: “I’d heard through a friend who’d through a friend that a guy who I only knew in passing fancied me. It freaked me out. All that he knew about me was what he’d seen in the corridors at work, or on my Instagram page – was that enough? Had he created a fantasy version of me in his head by forcing a handful of jigsaw pieces together to make an image? “ 

Mara’s ability to take subjects like this and put them into fun pop songs that talk to her generation is really admirable, Facebook Official and Oversharing being other great examples of this. Although the voyeurist subject could have been delivered in a more sinister cynical way, Mara instead takes it and turns it on its head making it a more mischievous lyric. I love that she can take a line like “looking at me like I’m not real”, which could be a brutal attack at objectifying a person, but delivers it in a way that is playful rather than confrontational, and shows once more that Mara is more than just a pop artist – her lyrics are clever and worthy of examination.

Musically the track is yet another very danceable slice of pop to add to her repertoire. Well produced by JB, in particular the vocals, with the subtle use of vocoder. The instrumentation is subtle and effective and gives the song a real feel good summer vibe and along with the title line of the chorus “girl of your dreams” – it has all the formula needed to do well and have a broader appeal. The closing chorus with layered vocals I really do like and gives the song a solid finish. I look forward to hearing what the duo come out with next.

So Mara Liddle continues to show why she is such a popular Stoke artist and it’s been great to see her now starting to seep into some of the major cities with her shows. Girl Of Your Dreams is a solid way to start her 2024 release slate, and surely she must be releasing a tee shirt with Girl Of Your Dreams across the front right? 

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