Marry Me? marks the end of BathTub as we know it

Review by Lee Barber, The Underground Venue Manager, Co-Producer of The Honey Box and Honey Box Hive project lead

BathTub are back with latest single MARRY ME? and they’re showing no signs of slowing down their pacey attitude for this one, the raw energy of their live performances transposing to record effortlessly with thanks to Lower Lane Studios, the track being produced by Jonny Price, and mixed and mastered by Sam Bloor. There is, however, a tinge of sadness with the release. A slight choking on pained words. 

I’ve spoken in depth with BathTub front man Olly Murphy-Tinsley recently, and at times it felt like a difficult conversation from both sides. “2024 will be BathTub’s sixth year of playing shows and releasing music,” he said. “We played a headline at Gullivers in Manchester back in February, in which we announced that we would be taking a step back from the project. The show was electric, and featured maybe our best crowd to date, so it was nice to know that we still have lots of support about. We will be making our third appearance at Lymelight Festival this year which we are extremely looking forward to. We plan on making a few more appearances in our hometown this year before stepping back, and will be releasing Marry Me? as our final track.”

Olly’s vocals remain clear and powerful throughout the track, raw and punchy, while the added synth brings a distinct depth to the band’s sound. The passion racing through Marry Me defies the band’s current position, full of energy as is always the case with BathTub. Fast paced from start to finish the track offers a wild ride destined to get bodies slamming in venues, and it’s there for all to see that there are plenty of reasons why Olly is right to still carry BathTub firmly in his heart.

“I personally still have a lot of passion for the songs we’ve written and the idea of BathTub, however, I also feel like we’ve both grown and changed a lot in the last six years, and that this project no longer really reflects who we are. Authenticity has always been the most important thing and I’m struggling to sell these new emotions and feelings using the same old guise. This is not the end, we’re already working on new music, going forth with our newer, creepy moniker and reworking some of our old songs. We’ll be back heavier and darker, with a new name and a fresh set up.”

There’s always been a strange sense of outcasting of BathTub from the Stoke ‘scene’, based mostly on prejudice, misunderstanding, and miscommunications, and I’m looking back I’m left with the stark realisation of how daunting and devastating such situations must have had on the young musicians since, even now, frontman Olly is just 23 years old, so to be treated so disrespectfully as a musician starting out at 17 and 18 is something we can all accept as painfully difficult to smile through. And yet Olly does just that, in the face of it all, he continues to shine. Even now, with BathTub entering a transitional phase of its life, and Olly’s new outfit Smother (check them out, they are also sick) this can only be a testament to his genuine love of live music and Stoke’s scene, though he remains staunch and stoic.

“BathTub has had some incredible highs, and also some pretty wounding lows throughout its existence. Caring so much about a project that it almost became an extension of myself has definitely taken a toll on my mental health. I need the time out to focus on myself, experiment in other projects and fall in love with playing music again. We’ve had the opportunity of sharing the stage with some incredible musicians, and will always be grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given, and all the support we’ve received over the last six years.”

How it can be expected to inject new and fresh energy into one of Stoke’s most energetic bands, I’m not quite sure, though knowing the grit, passion and determination that’s taken the duo this far, I’m sure if anyone can achieve it, then it will be these guys. Marry Me is out now across all social platforms, and will mark the end of BathTub as you know it.


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