Myria release debut EP – The World Will Open Up and Swallow You Whole

The World Will Open Up and Swallow You Whole is the brand new EP from Northwich’s enigmatic trio, Myria. Blending rock with shoegaze, the four-track record showcases either end of the Myria spectrum, balancing melodic interludes with textured chaos. 

Comprising Leo Briers Corker on vocals and guitar, Charlie Hale on drums and vocals, and Isobel Scott on bass, Myria ventures boldly into uncharted musical territories with their latest  collection of tracks. Home recorded and rescued by Billy Clements, Myria describes the EP as ‘a huge musical transition’ for the outfit. Embracing heavier noise elements, drum machines, and the incorporation of synths and organs, Myria invites listeners to join them as they refine their sonic identity with this record.

Opening as a short interlude, Swimming offers a stripped-down and minimalist feel, creating an intimacy in using just two guitars and two vocals, which Myria describes as ‘barren’. But it’s far from lifeless – creating a dreamy, contemplative atmosphere, it’s merely the calm before the storm that is For All I Know.

Leo said: “For All I Know was written during practice early this year. It’s about not really knowing anything of what you’re doing, where you’re going or what you’re thinking about during your life – a kind of happy go lucky approach we needed in our catalogue.”

For All I Know is a fuzzy and fast-paced track that takes a somewhat erratic approach. There’s a dynamic interplay between Leo’s vocals and guitar, Charlie’s energetic drumming, and Isobel Scott’s rhythmic bass that give the track an intense and upbeat quality. Myria have a knack for the element of surprise, and here we see the incorporation of some of these aforementioned heavier noise rock elements that screech and scream through the speakers, capturing the carefree yet uncertain essence the track is centred around. 

Continuing their spontaneous and chaotic vibe is Infront of Me, which strikes a balance between their developing trademark sound and more experimental elements. The riff anchors the track, giving it weight, with the vocals adding further depth and texture to the overall sound. Leo added: “The song doesn’t have an inherent meaning as the way we look at vocals is as another texture rather than this main focus point in our songwriting structure. We just wanted a song that was inherently Myria but gave a little more melodic content to our sound than usual.”

Collapse is the final track on the EP, as well as being the oldest and most melodic. “Collapse is about almost falling into yourself when everything’s starting to get to you and getting in your own head,” explained Leo.

Showcasing Myria’s earlier more shoegazey sound, it sees a more subdued and reflective tone compared to the other tracks, with an ethereal vocal quality and soothing vocal harmonies against a summery guitar riff, blending heavy and atmospheric elements in a way that offers a glimpse into the band’s roots and evolution.

The World Will Open Up and Swallow You Whole is a testament to Myria’s willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of their sound. The EP successfully captures the journey of their musical transition, ranging from dreamy and contemplative to intense and energetic, and I’m excited to see the direction they take as they refine their identity within the scene.

Listen to The World Will Open Up and Swallow You Whole by Myria here:

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