Myria release distortion drenched dual single See You/Wasting Time

MYRIA are a band who describe their sound as having ‘the energy of 10 self immolating monks meditating in a fireworks factory’. It’s a very specific and graphic description, but an accurate one – however unconventional. But convention isn’t exactly their style, anyway.

The band released their third single, See You, on June 2 alongside b-side Wasting Time – two equally explosive records that are sure to send heads spinning like a Catherine wheel.

See You offers a mesmerising blend of fuzzy noise rock and shoegaze that takes listeners on an experimental sonic journey. From the opening notes, the Northwich four-piece establishes a grungy atmosphere with guitar-driven melodies drenched in distortion, venturing into inventive territory with unexpected shifts in tempo and intricate layers of sound.

According to the band – consisting of Leo Briers Corker (vocals and guitar), Charlie Hale (drums and vocals), Isobel Scott (bass) and Ben Mills (guitar) – the track was born from them ‘messing about with noises’, explaining: “The song doesn’t really have a meaning it’s more about the energy it gives off and how it makes you feel.”

And it does so in an electrifying way that feels like static. It makes the hairs on your arms stand up as though there’s about to be a thunderstorm.

Leo’s atmospheric vocals weave in and out of the gritty instrumentation, tormenting the boundaries of their unusual and dark sound, drawing inspiration from the likes of Placebo and The Smashing Pumpkins for a Trainspotting-worthy single.

Meanwhile, Wasting Time is a ‘chill song that’s about having nothing to do’, providing balance to the loud and abrasive See You in this dual-release. Hypnotic and airy, it delves into the realms of psychedelia, embracing a more relaxed pace.

Filled with shimmering guitars, subtle basslines, and delicate percussion, the immersive multi-layered track is a chilled and introspective track that invites the listener to lose themselves in its ethereal soundscape.

You can listen to See You and Wasting Time by Myria on Spotify here.

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