Queen Cult announce EP number three with new single The Hand Lender

Hot on the heels of Stop Calling and Be Better, Queen Cult’s latest single, The Hand Lender, wastes no time in cementing the Macclesfield trio’s furious alt-rock sound. Cranking the energy up to 100 and erupting into heavy fuzz-fuelled guitars and pounding drums from the opening note, Maisie Johnson, Piers Jarvis and Brodie Carson aren’t messing about (okay, maybe a little bit) – but as comical as their social media videos or on-the-nose their lyrics may be, when it comes to their overall artistry, Queen Cult is a band to be taken seriously.

From the get-go, The Hand Lender captivates with its fast-paced, punk-infused sound as Queen Cult depart from their earlier identity, moving into a heavier genre compared to tracks like It Matters To Me and Better Believe It. Lead singer Maisie Johnson’s lyrical prowess is on full display as she weaves a narrative of sex positivity and personal growth, delivering tongue-in-cheek verses with a refreshing honesty.

Maisie said: “It’s based around a great sexual connection I had with someone who is gender fluid. It sparked something inadvertently that helped me question my own gender and I found my own definition of being a cis woman. Along with how I like to define relationships with people. It’s sex positive and all about enjoying growth and getting lost in a moment. It’s all about that spontaneity!  Lyrically, it’s very on the nose and sonically I wanted it to be fun and fast, very much like the situation itself, uncomplicated. A lighthearted ode to the hand lender!”

The instrumentation is tight and dynamic, with Brodie Carson on drums and Piers Jarvis on bass providing a robust backbone to the track that at times, echoes the likes of Foo Fighters and Royal Blood. The sound is polished yet retains a raw edge, staying true to Queen Cult’s punk roots while stretching their boundaries as they expand into edgier territory, tackling topics typically less explored in rock. 

Fun and fast-paced, Queen Cult’s knack for blending thought-provoking themes with infectious melodies is evident throughout this unashamedly bold and empowering track. With previous singles gaining traction on platforms like BBC Radio 1 and Spotify editorial playlists, this latest release is poised to solidify their reputation as a band to watch.

With a host of upcoming live shows, including Brighton’s Pride Rock festival and Y Not Festival, as well as their imminent third EP release, Queen Cult are gearing up for their most exciting year yet. 

More locally, you can catch Queen Cult at The Artisan Tap on July 12, and give The Hand Lender a listen here.

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