Sam Poole releases ninth single You Won’t Understand at just 14 years old

Sam Poole was just 12 years old when he first picked up a guitar. It was during the pandemic where he learned his first two chords, and quickly began penning his own songs. And today, the aspiring musician has released his ninth single – You Won’t Understand.

This time, the teenager has turned to keys to put forward a ballad-like track that encapsulates the pain and confusion that often accompanies heartbreak.

In previous releases like Easy on Yourself, Sam has drawn on his own life experiences to put pen to paper, but this time, he’s used empathy to curate a storytelling single that describes a once-blissful relationship turned sour, in the hopes listeners will find it a relatable listen.

He said: “For me I haven’t written this song about a personal experience, although it may sound like that lyrically. It’s a song for others to relate too if needed. You Won’t Understand is a lyrical story about a happy relationship which has slowly turned into a toxic and painful environment to be in. 

“When you lose someone but they’re still physically there, it creates a weird feeling. You begin to think about what could have been different and soon that one thought turns into too many and you overthink.” 

The melody is well-paced with a sense of wistfulness, while Sam’s deep vocals are wise beyond his years. Having seen him perform live a couple of times now, he presents himself well, performs with confidence and wins over listeners who are always stunned to hear of his age. 

Although the chorus showcases Sam’s ability to construct compelling narratives, the influence of other artists such as Miley Cyrus and Bruno Mars is apparent in the lyrics, particularly “I would have bought you flowers, I would have held your hand”.

That said, Flowers was a direct response to If I Was Your Man, so there’s nothing to say that You Won’t Understand doesn’t take a similar approach. 

The track showcases promise and displays Sam’s musical abilities and vocal strength, and while it’s to be expected for the young writer to lean heavily on influences for his work now, it is exciting to anticipate the growth and development of his writing as he matures.

Speaking on his inspirations, Sam said: “I find my inspiration from a large variety of artists, Dean Lewis and Sam Fender being big ones for me. I think Sam Fender is a lyrical genius and it inspires me to write even more songs and to develop my writing skills.”

Sam is a lad who appears very in touch with his emotions and isn’t afraid to express them through thought-provoking lyrics, reminding me a lot of a little Sam Fender or Lewis Capaldi. With nine singles out in two years, he’s evidently got a lot to say, and as he gains more life experience and delves deeper into his own creativity, we can anticipate him discovering his own unique musical identity. 

You Won’t Understand is yet another powerful and emotive release from Sam, chronicling missed opportunities and regrets with a realistic narrative.

As he continues to hone his craft, it’s clear that Sam has the potential to carve out his own path in the music industry and become a noteworthy artist in his own right.

If you want to catch Sam perform live, he’ll be playing a free gig at HMV Hanley, in The Potteries Centre, on July 1, followed by a headline at Captain’s Bar on July 6, and Alsager Music Festival on July 16.

You can listen to You Won’t Understand by Sam Poole here on Spotify:

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