Sam Poole reaches new heights with latest single In Another World

Once again demonstrating his exceptional talent and vocal maturity, Sam Poole has delivered an exceptionally moving and earnest piano ballad with In Another World. Following up on his previous releases, What We Had and You Won’t Understand, it’s clear to see that the 16-year-old has really been developing his writing while leaning into a more individual sound.  

Opening with a haunting piano intro, In Another World captures the essence of life’s imperfections and the fleeting moments of happiness that make it all worthwhile. Deliberately vague so as to be interpreted personally, Sam said: “In Another World is simply about how life is not always perfect, but there are always little moments that you can recall which bring you that happiness. What I have tried to do is write this song so that you can relate to it in different ways. For example, grief, heartbreak, and even just life feeling like it’s going around in circles.”

The lyrics are undoubtedly the highlight of the record, showcasing Poole’s growth as a songwriter over the course of the last 18 months or so. Sam’s voice is both tender and powerful with lines like, “There’s a light, now it’s gone, what has happened to me?” really capturing the vulnerability that defines his music. He told The Leopheard: “Before writing this song, I had the foundation of it emerging in my head. The  introduction of the piano then brought it to life. The lyrics evolved naturally and weirdly I think it is lyrically the best song I have made. For me, lyrics are the most important part of my music, and I strive to have the best outcome possible.”

The chorus builds with a really beautiful ascending melody, with gut-wrenching lyrics delivered with stunning harmonies. The production here is standout, and this whole section has all the elements of a catchy chart record that echoes the likes of Sam Fender. And I know I’ve made that comparison before, but to be producing work of this calibre at 16? He’s only just Getting Started.

Since the first gig I caught at The Underground where I couldn’t believe he was only 14, Sam Poole’s journey in Stoke’s music scene has been nothing short of remarkable and it’s been a real joy to watch that growth and evolution.  With In Another World, he has reached new heights, delivering what he rightly believes to be his best lyrical work to date.

For me, Sam represents something of a new era for the local music community. He’s been a real supporter of other artists in the circuit, who in turn have had his back, guided and mentored him. He’s always excited to be involved with projects and events, and I hope his passion and determination encourages other young musicians thinking about creating music to do the same. 

In Another World is a real testament to Sam Poole’s talent, not just in his deep understanding of the human experience, but in his ability to make that connection with listeners that sometimes artists fail to do. This is a young lad firmly on the right track and as he continues to develop his craft, there’s no doubt that Sam Poole is a name to watch in the music industry.

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