Sarcoline might have just delivered record of the year with Mountain Blue

When Joel Campbell said “We’re here to take over the indie rock scene,” it would have been easy to brush it off as bravado, but it looks like the boys at Sarcoline are about to make good on that promise with the arrival of their latest single, Mountain Blue.

The buzzy quartet known for their electrifying performances and undeniable prowess have well and truly outdone themselves with this one – and if there’s one track released this year so far that’s destined to smash through Stoke’s glass ceiling into the wider music ether, it’s this one.

From Kev McDonald’s sultry bass-driven riffs to gritty verses and explosive choruses, Sarcoline are a band that refuse to be ignored. Lead vocalist Joel Campbell’s gravelly vocals soar over the moody but massive instrumentation, where Will Carter’s haunting guitar riffs intertwine with Ryan Roberts’ powerhouse drumming.

The band’s sheer versatility shines through as they seamlessly navigate through cunning instrumentation with sentences punctuated by witty guitars, guttural screams and drum fills. Everything in this record is exactly where you want it thanks to Andy Gannon’s production, creating a dynamic listening experience that genuinely keeps you hanging on every note. 

Sarcoline has got us eating out of the palm of their hand with a blend of rock and roll flair and emotional resonance, with lyrics like “If nothing lasts forever, I want to spend forever with you.” The chorus is addictive and anthemic, and you’ll find yourself singing along before the track is through.

But it’s not just the lyrics that stand out; the musicianship displayed on Mountain Blue is nothing short of exceptional, effortlessly blending elements of alternative rock with undeniable indie flair, bringing that intoxicating raw energy from their live shows into their recorded tracks.

With attention from BBC Introducing and placements on prominent Spotify playlists already under their belt, Sarcoline’s trajectory shows no signs of slowing down, and Mountain Blue is only set to fuel their drive throughout 2024. Still to come from the band is a visually stunning music video for the single – shot by Joe Berisford, of course – with a string of live shows planned for the Spring, which will no doubt cement them as one of the UK’s most promising emerging bands. 

I know it’s early in the year, but for me, this is a strong contender for record of the year in 2024. Give it a spin here:

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