Sarcoline makes explosive return with rock n roll hit Narlows Lane

“We’re here to take over the indie rock scene,” declares Sarcoline’s frontman and guitarist Joel Campbell. And this time, he means business. Joining him is Will Carter on lead guitar, Kev McDonald on bass, and drummer Ryan Roberts – a line up some may remember as The Albion many moons ago, followed by a stint as Sarcoline back in 2018.  But this time, they’re coming back big, with raw vocals and huge guitar melodies in the form of their brand new single: Narlows Lane.

This band has unapologetically burst back onto the music scene like a long-lost relative in Corrie or EastEnders, and are ready to ruffle some feathers as they make an attempt to become the ‘biggest and best thing to come out of this great city’.

The track opens with Joel’s commanding vocals followed by a riff that immediately demands your attention. It’s bold, assertive, and reminiscent of the early days of rock n roll, the raw energy of the introduction setting the tone for what turns out to be a relentless and electrifying anthem. After an explosive entrance, the verse settles just slightly, with Joel announcing the band’s long-awaited return in the lyrics ‘Cos i’ve been gone for way too long, but now I’m back again’. 

“Narlows Lane usually opens our set as we love how hard it hits straight away,” he explained. “We wanted it to feel like Sarcoheimer with the explosiveness to kick off the set and make sure everybody knows we are back.”

Joel’s lyrics are straightforward and unpretentious, delivered with a rasp that nods to the grittiness of early Kings of Leon, with an authenticity in his voice that makes you believe every word.  “The song is about seizing the moment and not holding back anymore. Narlows Lane stems from a place where I used to hang around with my mates – I always told my good friend that I’d use it in a song,” Joel muses. And as a result, there is an air of nostalgia about this record, alongside an unmatched enthusiasm for the future. 

The instrumental arrangement of the song is volcanic – Carter’s lead guitar work is a standout, with some serious crowd-pleasing moments, with a nod to Thin Lizzy with the use of dual Les Pauls. McDonald’s basslines are thunderous, providing the song with its chest-thumping backbone while Roberts on the drums proves to be a true powerhouse as he drives the soaring choruses. There’s a real sense of determination with this track, with an atmosphere that feels though it was made for the stage –  listening to it, you can almost envision the band members giving it their all under the blazing stage lights. It’s a real testament to their musicianship that they’ve managed to channel that energy into a blistering studio recording.

Narlows Lane is an electric and upbeat rock n roll anthem driven by Sarcoline’s relentless desire to captivate and mesmerise their audience. From the first note to the final chord, it sets out to make a statement that Sarcoline are back – harder, better, faster, stronger – armed with an arsenal of versatile songs and a lively set that’s ‘going to set the music scene alight’. And we can’t wait to see it.

Listen to Narlows Lane, released September 15, by Sarcoline here:

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