Shader’s shimmering indie-dance single Pulse palpitates with raw energy

Following their debut album, Everything is Connected, Stoke-on-Trent natives Shader continue to cement their status as one of the best new bands on the UK scene with their latest wave of releases.

Their 2022 LP made its way into the UK Top 40 Independent Album Charts, and the band continued to build on that success with the arrival of Satellite in February. Now, striking while the iron is hot, they’re set to propel that momentum even further with their brand new record, Pulse. 

From the opening notes, Pulse palpitates with a raw emotional energy, boasting intricate guitars that reverberate with feedback almost mimicking the sound of a vital sign monitor, the drums the heartbeat to the track. Stu Whiston’s vocals swagger against a backdrop of shimmering indie-dance soundscapes as the band masterfully navigates the sonic chaos that is tempered with moments of introspection and emotion.

Despite its upbeat and ever-infectious rhythm, the lyrics dig a little deeper than an average indie hit, with frontman Stu Whiston explaining: “Pulse is about dealing with absolute trauma, realising the reality of a situation and channelling those emotions into moving forward positively and finding your pulse.” 

Pulse screams out with feelings of hope, encapsulating the tumultuous journey of navigating through trauma, but the band hopes it will inspire listeners to take back control in the face of whatever realities may lay ahead. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and Shader keep coming back time and again bigger, louder and harder. 

With this record, Shader’s ability to seamlessly blend indie sensibilities, rock and roll attitude and dancefloor-ready anthems is on full display. This is a band that has worked hard to really hone an immediately recognisable and individual sound over the years and Pulse is a shining example of that unbridled passion and distinction. 

As Shader prepares to embark on a series of UK festival dates this summer, I’ve no doubt that Pulse will quickly become a fan favourite as the band continues to evolve into something potentially massive. Released April 18, listen to Pulse here:

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