I can’t stop ‘thinking about the goddamn snail’ after Mr Mary’s debut art pop single

Would you care to indulge in a moment of weirdness? I thought so. Introducing Mr. Mary – a four-piece ensemble hailing from Stoke-on-Trent bringing curious listeners their debut single, Snail. A large portion of art pop with a side of funk, it’s fun, fearless, and guaranteed to leave you ‘thinking about the goddamn snail’. 

The band is fronted by The Sugarmill’s very own Taz Harrison, who, when not handing out wristbands and ensuring you’re on your best behaviour, is showcasing their vocal talent and knack for a disco-punk performance.

Snail is a bold and unconventional track that defies labels, blending influences from a multitude of creative facets, including slam poets, soul, classic disco, glam rock, and punk. It culminates in a playful and creative sound and in-your-face style as Mr. Mary aims, and succeeds, to deliver a truly unique musical experience.

The song opens with an infectious groove, the bass and guitars reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ funk-infused rock, the drums providing an infectious and irresistible rhythm. Echoes of Lene Lovich’s quirky vocal style can be heard in the way Taz’s voice navigates spoken word verses that transition into soaring melodic hooks in the chorus. Despite the unseriousness of the single’s slimy shelled subject, it’s clear that creativity and talent collide here to curate quite the bop. Truth be told, I played it once in the house and I caught my dad humming it to himself in the kitchen half an hour later. It’s undeniably catchy, and I genuinely can’t stop thinking about it – or the snail.

The accompanying music video – filmed at Riff Factory over a year ago –  provides a trippy but mesmerising visual that complements the song’s eclectic nature, embracing the weird and the wonderful, all while captivating listeners with a lively combination of animation and live action performance.

With Snail, the band has created a brilliantly bold track set to a backdrop of infectious funk-infused art pop. In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, Mr. Mary extends an invitation to embrace oddities and resist normalcy. 

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