So It Goes – the latest mid-90s heartfelt indie hit from Stoke’s Hotel Cola

They seemingly came from nowhere, but from the rubble of the Stoke-on-Trent potbanks, Hotel Cola emerged earlier this year and has been drip feeding us an IV of guitar driven pop and raw emotion ever since. Now, it’s safe to say that we’re addicted, craving the next heartfelt indie hit – and right on time, they’ve delivered with the mid-90s reminiscent So It Goes.

It’s the fourth release from the 4-piece outfit since their inception, and is immediately the most upbeat record they’ve presented so far. A Britpop inspired beat is met with the shoegazey sensibilities of bands like Jaws, before making way for narrative lyrics delivered with the warmth and texture of an early Lloyd Cole and The Commotions track. 

The band describe So It Goes as a track about “leaving your hometown behind with aspirations of a life different to the one you know, quandarying the things you miss and how they made you the person you are.”

It’s a sentiment that captures the bittersweet mix of nostalgia and excitement, the hard-hitting chorus punctuated with romantic guitar melodies and an irresistible atmosphere. But of course, this isn’t the first time Hotel Cola has left a lasting impression. Their debut single, Different Now You’re Gone, showcased their penchant for reverb drenched guitars and dazy melodies, while Only You cemented their status as purveyors of emotional indie anthems.

Their ability to craft emotionally-charged tracks that are as melancholic as they are uplifting was demonstrated with Headlight Eyes, all of which lead us to So It Goes. The flow from track to track is seamless, making each release from Hotel Cola feel like a chapter of a story, which would make for a brilliant standalone EP. Hotel Cola remain somewhat elusive about their plans, but I suspect we could see another single released towards the end of May. So, as we eagerly await their next chapter you can have a listen to So It Goes, released April 26 here:

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