Terrorist sees The Other Things at their heaviest and most frustrated

From the first notes of Terrorist, it’s clear that The Other Things are diving headfirst into uncharted territory. Hailing from Staffordshire, the four-piece’s latest single in two years is an explosive return that showcases their heaviest and most frustrated side.

Some of you local music veterans may remember them as Poliptik, but in 2018 came a change in name and a shift in sound, moving to a distinctive blend of late 80s/early 90s UK indie and 90s US alternative rock influences. The band has been steadily carving out their unique sonic identity ever since, and Terrorist could be the best example of it yet.

The track opens with slow and suspenseful guitar strums courtesy of Jacob Stannard, instantly setting a tone of tension and unease, while Jordan Stannard’s rumbling bass bubbles below, providing a relentless rhythm that underscores the song’s political message. 

Speaking about the track, frontman John Blair said: “Terrorist is a musical ‘jab to the nose’ and a blunt attempt to highlight that it takes a terrorist to create a terrorist.” It’s a track that sees Paul Weller’s penchant for social commentary married to Morrissey’s moody atmospheres and Placebo’s knack for combining edgy guitars with haunting melodies, all wrapped up in a bold and provocative package that spans over four and a half minutes.

Ryan Belfield’s drums drive the track forward, with soft sweeps at the cymbals throughout the verses before erupting in the choruses as the track becomes more aggravated. Meanwhile, John Blair’s vocal delivery is passionate and raw, perfectly capturing the vexation that permeates the lyrics. 

Razor-sharp and reeking of indie rock, Terrorist is a stomping return for The Other Things, who have proven themselves to be a band that certainly don’t shy away from tackling heavy subject matters, making a musical statement that demands attention. Listen to the track, released Friday, September 29, here:

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