Everything we know about Camen’s debut album WORK/LIFE/BALANCE so far

Indie sensations Camens have been gracing our ears with their honest, guitar-driven sound since 2017, and are set to finally release their long awaited debut album WORK/LIFE/BALANCE in just over a month (May 3).

The 12-track LP, recorded at House of Chella in Manchester, founded by Stoke’s Andy Gannon, is set to be a real milestone release for the band. And as anticipation builds for it’s release – let’s take a look at what we know so far, and what we can expect from the album.

The band kicked off promo for the album with its introductory single Cynical back in January, Despite an eight-month gap from their previous release, the band’s digital presence remained strong, fueling anticipation for their album. The track is a full-on indie anthem bathed in ’90s influences, featuring raw energy and poignant lyricism. With its mature songwriting, polished production and a chorus that delivers a real punch, Cynical sets a high bar for the album’s potential.

The band wasted no time in delivering the second single, Confetti and Kalashnikovs, some weeks later at the end of February, offering playful indie-pop vocals and guitar-driven melodies. The track explores the ups and downs of relationships with a poetic flow and witty contrasts. Confetti & Kalashnikovs really showcases Camens’ infectious charm, creativity, and slick signature sound that we’ve come to know and love. With its irresistible melodies and lyrics you can’t help but lean in to listen to, this track solidifies Camens’ reputation as a band on the rise.

Then we come on to Lying Won’t Get You Anywhere – a slightly more discreet release since Confetti continues to be the most well-received from the album so far. It’s here we start to really see the album take shape with themes of love, relationships and breakups. The track is a masterclass in indie rock, blending catchy melodies with emotionally-charged lyricism that cuts straight to the heart.

Each single released so far has come with a its own B-Side that fans of the band may already be familiar with, including Slept on the Sofa, Danny Devito and Poltergeist, meaning at this point, we’ve heard precisely 50 per cent of the album ahead of its release – with another single still to come in April ahead of the full launch. 

But taking a look at the track listing on Amazon Music, the album will also feature last year’s On The Walk From The Picturehouse – a cinematic off-kilter indie hit again boasting incredibly witty verses. Frontman Scott Powell has previously told The Leopheard:  “I love the idea of creating worlds with words and then trying to pick the listener up and take them there” – and this is something that really shines through in the album.

Unheard songs from the album include Outlines, Salt, Sleeping Patterns Repeating and Do You Remember When? and Leave It For Now, and we’re likely to hear at least one more of these before May 3.

Overall, WORK/LIFE/BALANCE promises to be a tour de force from Camens. With each single, the band continues to push boundaries and defy expectations. From anthemic energy to the record’s emotional depth, Camens’ debut album is poised to take the indie scene by storm. As the release date approaches, fans can expect nothing short of infectious, innovative, and irresistibly indie music from Camens.

You can pre-order the album here.

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