The name’s Blond – Poppy Blond: entering her solo era with 2 Hour Thoughts

The name’s Blond. Poppy Blond. And she’s every bit as fresh, fearless and feisty as you’d imagine. Having previously performed in projects and bands across Staffordshire, 2 Hour Thoughts is Poppy’s solo debut – and it’s a bold statement of intent from the passionate singer/songwriter.

Poppy is no stranger to the local music scene, having showcased her talents with Northern Soul duo Sal & Pops, as well as bands Passion and The Veins, and Yoodoo Voodoo, but 2024 has seen her take the plunge into her solo era, which in turn has allowed her creativity to really expand, as we get to see with this promising new single.

Speaking on her decision to go it alone, she said: “The top and bottom of it is, you have to be yourself. Nobody is better or worse than you. There are no leagues. Let loose and be free.”

And in 2 Hour Thoughts, that freedom and sense of self-expression really does shine through. Collaborating with local producer Scott Evans, the opening verse sees her funk-infused vocals accompanied by a meticulously crafted electronic soundscape of solemn synths and melancholic violin, which reflects the personal experience from which the lyrics were drawn.

The track builds with pulsating drum pads that drive the rhythm forward, and it becomes impossible to pin down a genre. It’s clear that Poppy’s diverse musical library has allowed her to fuse elements of funk, pop and electronic sounds to create something a little more avant-garde. With this new project, it’s evident that Poppy is determined to express her individuality and artistry on her own terms, and she’s done a wonderful job of executing it.

“I can’t wait for people to hear my songs, whether 10 people like them or 10 million it doesn’t matter to me,” she explained. “I write to free my own mind in hopes that others can also learn and take from them what they can. Whether I’ve written a song that is relatable, makes you want to dance or a song that helps people to not give a damn and be free. We are all human and we are all here to help each other.”

Lyrically, the track is an observation of modern society, inspired by a video Poppy watched about the human race and their addiction to things like phones and fast food. She added: “I tend to go down the odd rabbit hole now and again. ‘2 Hour Thoughts’ is actually one of the last songs I wrote, but it came together the quickest once myself and Scott started working through all of my songs.”

In her delivery, Poppy allows herself to be swept away by the rhythm, the haunting multi-layered vocals in the chorus and bridge giving the track an enchanting quality. Her fearless approach to songwriting is a captivating reflection of her ethos. Her message is clear – be yourself, embrace freedom, and never conform. 

Bringing a blend of distinctive vocals, infectious energy and thought-provoking lyrics, 2 Hour Thoughts is a genre-defying record that marks an exciting start to Poppy Blond’s solo career.

Released January 26, listen to 2 Hour Thoughts by Poppy Blond here:

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