Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders’ stirring new single Flowers

In a collision of genres and emotions, Staffordshire’s own Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders have unveiled their latest single, Flowers. It’s the band’s ninth single in 12 months, and is one that reaffirms James Gregory Murray’s position as a storyteller of the highest order.

The stirring new single blooms with a raw honesty that cuts through the intricate soundscapes, offering a cathartic journey through the complexities of human emotion, exploring the different ways in which people approach grief and loss.

When asked what the track means to him, Murray earnestly tells The Leopheard: ”It’s the end of a relationship tale of heartbreak and regret, I’m afraid. But all triggered by a good friend who brought a great big bunch of colourful flowers to our friend’s funeral. My association of flowers is not one of funerals, which I thought very unusual but also very fitting in an unusual way. 

“I couldn’t get the imagery out of my head, for as everyone was giving mass cards and condolences for the loss of our friend to his widow, my friend offered her a great big bunch of flowers – in a strange way, it was quite lovely and fitting.”

The emotive swell of guitars, bass and keys are reminiscent of an REM track, while Murray’s vocals infuse it with shimmering resonance akin to a-ha – if Morten Harket had a soft Northern Irish lilt, that is. Murray’s lyricism is poignant yet uplifting, with beautiful harmonies that create a soul-stirring chorus that soars above the instrumentation.

But for me what is most prominent in every single one of the records released by Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders, but more so in Flowers, is the sense of community and camaraderie between the bandmates. This is a gang of friends who want you to listen, get involved and feel the positive emotion that is put into each and every song. When a close friend or family member passes away, it quite often has this effect of bringing people closer together – and that sense of unity and hope really radiates through this heart-torn ballad.

If you fancy feeling like a part of something really special, and the opportunity for a bit of a jig, you can catch Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders at the Artisan Tap on May 4. Here’s a review of their performance the last time I caught them at the Hartshill venue – and you can listen to their newest single, Flowers, released April 26 below:

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