TD3VL transports listeners to STHLM with latest rap record

With a refreshing sound and captivating lyrical style, TD3VL (Tas) has released his first single of 2023, hot on the heels of last year’s tracks 100 and Yours Truly.

STHLM – which came out on June 2 – sees the 17-year-old rapper ditch his hometown of Penkhull and take us on a journey through his personal experiences exploring Sweden.

Right from the opening bars, the laid-back vibe of STHLM is established with a combination of smooth melodies and relaxed beats, offering a carefree summer feel, blending influences from legendary artists like Gorillaz, A Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul. 

The production, helmed by up and coming producers Ollie Jörgen Adell and Armin Mirs at Scarecrow Studios in Stockholm itself, is slick, complimenting Tas’s lyrical prowess. The synergy between the instrumentation and the young rapper’s flow results in a single that rides the rhythm effortlessly from start to finish.

While Tas may be young, he possesses a natural talent for crafting memorable hip-hop hooks and captivating verses, while his lyrics display an impressive maturity in his songwriting ability.

“Rap has always been a big part of my childhood,” the Newcastle college student explained. “I’ve been rapping and writing my own music since I was 13/14.

“The single is about my experience in Sweden, experiencing new friendships and ‘other things’, but mainly the refreshing feeling of not being trapped or lost in Stoke.”

Also performing in Stoke duo The Pale Red, Tas’s solo lyrics in STHLM artfully capture the essence of his newfound friendships alongside a sense of freedom and liberation, with a smooth, relaxed delivery and chilled holiday vibe. It found itself slipped into the duo’s set at Your City festival last month, and was greatly appreciated by the crowds enjoying a beer in Albion Street’s technicolour Backyard.

With a seamless flow, catchy chorus and sunny soundscape, STHLM is an easy listening track even for those who wouldn’t traditionally listen to rap, showcasing TD3VL as a likeable and promising young performer in a genre we frankly don’t see enough of in Staffordshire.

As Tas continues to refine his craft, it will be exciting to see how he develops as an artist.

You can listen to STHLM by TD3VL on Spotify here.

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