Darla Jade latest single I Hate Goodbyes is an ‘ode to the end of the year’

If there’s a day in the calendar year I despise, it’s New Year’s Eve. There’s a real sense of pressure to be better or achieve more, with a looming cloud of guilt for anything you didn’t get to tick off in the last 12 months. And as such, Darla Jade’s latest single, I Hate Goodbyes, was an achingly relatable listen.

It’s a change of pace from what we’ve become used to with Darla’s recent releases, such as Backseat Driver or All for Nothing, where her emotions are often channelled through upbeat alt-pop instrumentals. Instead, I Hate Goodbyes takes a much more contemplative approach, laying bare these feelings of frustration against a much slower, sombre arrangement, showcasing her versatility as a writer, vocalist, and performer.

‘I Hate Goodbyes’ is an ode to the end of the year,” she explained. “I’ve always found New Year’s Eve to be hard, as it always hits me on how fast the year has gone and that time feels as though it’s running out! At a time of year that most people are reflective and looking forward to the new year ahead, I can just find this period to be really overwhelming.”

An ambient backing track of gentle electronic pulses allows Darla’s ever-impressive vocals to really take centre stage and have you listen to the lyrics as she offers a candid perspective on the overwhelming nature of New Year’s Eve. Her vocals are melodic and evocative, carrying the weight of the sincere and relatable lyrics in a really raw and authentic way. 

Meanwhile, the chorus gains a little more energy, with a delicate interplay of electronic elements, catchy hooks and overlapping melodies with a much more DIY feel than previous hits, which feels really intimate. Even the single cover has been a home-job, with her parents helping set up the shoot. But what is notable is how none of it seems worlds apart from her more anthemic tracks – it’s all still undeniably Darla, her work underpinned by a sense of determination and high level of professionalism. 

Darla added: “December is a time of reflection so with that I constantly get the fear of ‘did I work hard enough this year’, ‘did I put my all into absolutely everything’, ‘could I have given more?’ Deep down I know I try my hardest with pretty much anything but still the fear remains the same every damn year.

“Since I’ve been posting clips of this one leading up to release, a fair few people have reached out saying they feel the same and they feel it around birthdays too, but I’m hoping this song will let others feeling like this know that they are not alone.”

If there was ever a year that Darla need not worry whether she worked hard enough, it’s 2023, having headlined the likes of Servant Jazz Quarters and The Waiting Room in London, as well as hometown venues The Sugarmill and The Underground. In addition to this, Darla also had the opportunity to record a live version of her latest EP at Metropolis Studios earlier this year after winning the Amazon Music UK’s Breakthrough Booth competition at The Great Escape Festival in 2022.

Following on from the release of Backseat Driver – which received daytime National radio support on BBC Radio 1 – Future Pop presenter Mollie King said: “I feel like this is my favourite song she’s released so far,” with the young songstress’ music played during episodes of TOWIE and Love Island, too. She also performed a live session at Maida Vale studios which was aired on BBC Radio 1’s Introducing programme, and that’s before we even delve into her co-written content with the likes of Gorgon City, BLOND:ISH and Kaskade’s latest EP On My Way.

With heartfelt vocals and an all-too-relatable lyrics I Hate Goodbyes is the ultimate 2023 sign off for Darla Jade, offering a captivating glimpse into a more introspective and contemplative side of her musical repertoire. I’ve no doubt she’ll be back in 2024 bigger, better and even stronger.

Released on December 8, listen to I Hate Goodbyes by Darla Jade here.

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