From Abbey Road to your playlist – Lissy Taylor’s latest single Minds A Riot

Guest review by Captain’s Bar events manager, Say Something Music label owner and promoter Scott Evans

Lissy Taylor needs no introduction to the Stoke music scene, alongside the likes of Darla Jade, Kira Mac and Ruby J she is one of the female powerhouses leading the way for our proud city.

2023 has been a huge year for Lissy with her last single Feel For Me receiving critical praise and lots of radio and playlist support, she has had notable support slots with The Lottery Winners, Tom Hingley, The Blue Tones, New Rules and Tom LeFroy as well as completing her second UK Tour and a well received debut performance at The Isle Of Wight festival. If that wasn’t enough she was invited to record at London’s prestigious Abbey Road studios ; which brings us to her new single Minds A Riot.

Recorded with producer Tayte Nickols, Minds A Riot is an indie pop anthem. Instantly catchy and laden with crowd pleasing moments. The opening whoos that are repeated throughout the song engage the listener from the off and you get the feeling you know the song well, easily imagining joining in at a live performance, intentional or not. The song feels like it was written with a live crowd in mind.

Musically the song powers forward, only letting up at the bridge section for what will surely be a hands in the air moment at any gig. The song is well recorded and produced (well it is Abbey Road!) and captures an energetic performance from her band which you can see in the accompanying music video. Particularly pleasing for me is the subtle use of percussive electronic elements adding depth to the overall sound.

Lyrically the words match the intensity and tempo of the song, in fact, the opening lines “I’m 100 miles an hour, I’m highest gear” are perfect for setting the tone. As Lissy says “The song captures the chaotic energy of life” and it does it well. There are many themes that run through the lyrics, the pace of life, dealing with negative thoughts, regrets, people pleasing; Minds A Riot is very much an apt title.

A lyric that will strike a chord with listeners is “love is pain and pain is art” which as Lissy says very poetically “captures the balance of beauty in struggle, vulnerability in trusting others and and risk in love.”

Minds A Riot for me is Lissy Taylor’s strongest song to date. A very well crafted energetic indie pop anthem, laden with catchy moments and introspective lyrics. She continues her path to commercial success and to quote a lyric “you can hear it getting louder”.

Listen to Lissy Taylor’s latest single Minds A Riot here:

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