The Blue Yellows stripped back and melancholic folk-grunge single Recently Deleted

The Blue Yellows have once again managed to capture the raw essence of human emotion with their latest single, Recently Deleted. Following on from their 2021 A Minute In The Sun EP, which was created amid the challenges posed by the pandemic, this haunting grunge-folk ballad once again delves into themes of loss and grief, and has been dedicated to “everyone who has lost someone close to them”.

Lead singer and lyricist Jonathan Tarplee lays bare his soul with this record, with poignant lyrics that draw on heartbreaking past experiences. The verses are delivered with a poetic prose and profound sincerity filled with a combination of vulnerability and resilience. 

He told The Leopheard: “I lost two people during the pandemic, one a family member and another who was in my circle of friends. It feels like some things have changed forever since that time and it’s in this atmosphere of division where this song kind of comes from.”

Many people who have experienced similar losses will resonate deeply with this – the point at which a switch flipped and there was no returning to the time before. As though a door has closed and locked itself as you walked through it, denying you the opportunity to go back the way you came.

The track’s melancholic instrumentation, masterfully crafted by the quartet, weaves a series of haunting melodies and gritty rhythms, reminiscent of Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. Emma Alcock’s haunting arrangements are characterised by their off-kilter yet ethereal quality, while Simon Taylor’s basslines and Dave’s drums contribute to the unapologetic intensity of the record.

In terms of production, Recently Deleted sees a similarly lo-fi approach to their 2019 album, Kitchen Sessions. Sticking to their DIY ethos, the track has been recorded in their homemade studio giving it a real intimate and stripped back feel, and will be accompanied by a music video, recorded on two mobile phones.

Infusing their signature grunge-folk sound with a raw, unfiltered authenticity, The Blue Yellows delivers a gut-wrenching exploration of loss and remembrance with Recently Deleted. Give it a listen here: 

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